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Comedy is my passion, nursing is my devotion.

About Jidensky

Abeg, who is this Jidensky?

Hi guys my name is JIdensky, I'm a pediatric nurse with a passion for comedy and filmmaking. I have always had this passion but it wasn't until 2016 that I decided to start putting my materials online! So welcome to the world of Jidensky, enjoy my videos, and please ensure to add me on I.G using @JIDENSKY and by subscribing to my YouTube channel also JIDENSKY.


Trust me you would love the videos I've made, and I am currently making a lot more, so you can add me on I.G and also subscribe to my YouTube channel, just search for JIDESKY

Yes! I'll Marry You! A Short Story By Jidensky

After my last short story wasn't received as well as I had hoped, I decided to make another one. Linda has been expecting to be proposed to for a long time, then she gets home and sees a surprise!!

Abmassador Of SPDD (Small Pikin Dem Dem)

Check out my lil princess Zoe making her daddy proud!!! Check out her funny I.G page at @zoes_pix

Telling Your Son Your Childhood Favorite Things

For those born in the 80's and prior, I made this for you! Ode to childhood favorite things.

Niaja Food: A love ballad

If you love Naija food and can't get your weight in order then you'd understand lol!

I Want A Small Wedding

When you want a small intimate wedding but your Nigerian mum won't let you be great!

Mr Uzurumba Gives Dating Advice

Mr Uzurumba has skeleton in his closet but wants to give advice!!

Our Partners

Mr Uzurumba Issues A Public Apology

I used a childhood song to make a comedy LMAO

diabetes check up

One of my most successful skit!! Enjoy!

Stop killing our women!!

There's been an uptick in the number of Nigerian nurses who have been killed by husbands who brought them from Naija.  The similarity and recurring nature of these killings is quite alarming. Nigerian women are a very hardworking group, always picking up overtimes and hardly having time for themselves. I know, I work with them. Yet, they're killed by our brothers. Regardless of your stance, they don't deserve to be killed. Period. Naija, we too much, we can do better. I hail una.

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UNCLE SAMSON!! (A sad Nigerian man's story)

When I made this video, I wasn't sure how people would react to a very long video, but I was so sure that this skit would make an impact I posted it just like that. It is now my most watched video on FB with over 2 Million views!!

Different Types of Ehen!!

My very first viral video from May 25th 2016

The Diaspora Dilemma

Had so much fun making this video! When your son in Yankee start misbehaving, it's time to go visit Uncle Samson! Shout out to my little bro for helping out!

What trimester causes the most pain?

A skit I made with a very good friend of mine. Notice all the cut outs were done by me mostly~~

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